Has Technology transformed the role of the teacher?

The introduction of IT has seen the role of teachers change. The wooden flip-lid desk has been replaced by iPads. The question to ask now is, has this change from teacher to that of facilitator of learning been positive?

It’s important to know that IT will never make the role of a teacher redundant, but rather enhance the experience and exposure of learning. The teacher is no longer the centre of attention –  the sole dispenser of information – but rather plays the role of a facilitator, guiding the students’ learning processes and engaging in joint problem solving.


IT has assisted teachers to tackle difficult questions that students ask, and has made research compilation easier, especially in cases where the school’s library is either outdated or lacks a variety of information resources.

Globalisation through technology has seamlessly improved communication between teacher and parent. It facilitates an easily accessible and open relationship. Meetings can take place through video conferencing/Skype etc., without requiring the physical presence of either party. Software has been developed for parents to log in and see their child’s progress, which keeps the line of communication open.

There is also the motivational aspect: students are more stimulated and eager to learn when they can interact with their learning tools.

The use of technology is a vital tool in improving academic communication and the advancement of broader society as a whole.

Contributed by: Nokuzola Mcetywa (333765)












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