IT Integration in Education at Primary School Level

Millions of South African households have computers, but have computers been successfully integrated into our primary schools?

Computers have been in schools for over 15 years and yet visits to some classrooms and principals’ offices indicate that IT has not yet been integrated into the daily learning activities of the school. Computers and other forms of technology often remain isolated from mainstream learning experiences due to teacher apprehension and even a phobia about the use of computers in the classroom.

Primary school education is one of the most critical steps in every child’s life and a right. Most schools are Government, Former Model C or Private Schools. If you were privileged enough to have attended either a Model C or Private School, you would have been more likely to have the opportunity to have access to the introduction to technology/computers and internet access.

The Department of Basic Education is currently implementing smart classrooms and allocating tablets to children to assist with their studies. So why is this not welcomed by all concerned as should have been expected?  The problem found is that most of the Government schools are reluctant to embrace this change as the teachers are accustomed to normalcy of the chalkboard.

Perhaps IT training for teachers would assist and make them more accepting of technology. They are usually reluctant to assist with the implementation of computers to make their work environment more efficient.  Their lack of skills results in the resistance to embrace change. There may also be a fear that the introduction of technology will result in their joblessness. Change is the only constant thing and must be welcomed.

Contribution by: Harriet Kpama (0712857R)



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