The Impact of Information Technology on Universities

Technology’s impact on education has been a positive one: allowing students easy access to information, better presentation of information, interactive teaching, as well as making the sharing of knowledge easier.

In universities, students are no longer limited to just paper and pen. Recently, a digital library was introduced that takes up no physical space, and students in different parts of the world can access the same library at the same time. Students are also able to communicate with their lecturers, or any member of the administration, by simply emailing them. This saves time because a physical appointment no longer has to be set up, and communication between the parties can happen a lot quicker. Students are now also able to keep abreast of subject information by following their lecturers on Twitter, and since lecturers are passionate about their field of work, their tweets are relevant to the subject and very interesting.

The following image illustrates the effect that technology has had on universities.


The University of Witwatersrand in particular makes use of the following tools:

  • Online Virtual Training Courses

This is a collection of over 900 training tutorials that offer Wits students an easy and convenient opportunity to learn new software skills from their desk, while working at their own pace.

  • Wits-e, which is an open platform for e-learning and collaboration at Wits used by lecturers to address the hundreds of students registered for the course.
  • Turnitin, an electronic text matching system that compares text in a student’s assignment against a database of sources. This ensures that students do not plagiarise and helps them identify cases where they may have copied someone else’s work. The following link describes how this tool works: (embed à

Information technology has really changed our learning experience for the better.


Contribution by: Corleen Munyawiri (791915)

References  (VTC)  (Turnitin)

Title of work: Technology’s impact on education, Available from:   Published: 28 June 2013 (stats on picture)


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