The Role of IT in Continuous Professional Development Education for Educators in South Africa

The key consideration for this topic is the current and continuous efforts to improve teaching in South Africa.  This has a subsequent effect on learner achievement and overall social development.  An area often overlooked is continuing professional development of teachers.  Research has suggested that a learner’s achievement is directly linked to the quality of teaching in the school, regardless of environmental factors.

The introduction of technology, such as interactive whiteboards, also known as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), is an innovative approach to teaching.  That being said, how can this (CLIL) technology tool be used to improve CPD training for teachers.    Many teachers in South Africa face the following constraints: a heavy and demanding workload, lack of support and understanding from school and local government, the lack of time and funding related to further education.

The British Council has developed extensive programmes working specifically with the CLIL or rather TILT – Interactive Technologies in Language Teaching.  They have a vast range of service platforms and the focus ranges from students to teachers.  All these courses are online and selective to the requirements and needs of the specific teacher.  One area of instruction: “Primary Essentials provides teachers with an introduction to teaching English to young learners aged 7 to 11. Using video, audio and community elements, you will learn the essentials to help you succeed in your teaching of young learners.”

The following link provides a short video introduction on teacher development with the implementation of technology.

Another useful technology tool, in conjunction with CLIL systems, is the use video clips on YouTube and similar platforms.  The below video clip illustrates how user friendly this technology can be.


Contribution by: Mariana Jacobs (474930)





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