Web-based Education

Web-based education is a convenient method of education that meets the needs of individuals. It is easily delivered, as students can learn at their own pace, in groups or individually, with an online facilitator. The information can be delivered via the internet, a corporate intranet, or removable disks .Technologies of the World Wide Web, internet and intranets have improved and changed distance learning it is available in DVD format or via online streaming. Some of the sites one can visit and get online training www.twasa.co.za or www.lrmg.co.za‎ or www.capterra.com. YouTube also has many videos that can be used as learning tools. Certificates can also be obtained on line.


The benefits include:

It is engaging and accommodates individual learning styles. There are books and PowerPoint presentations with a facilitator. Society benefits from individuals who are technology-literate members. Web based training is learner–centred, accommodates different learning styles. It helps learners apply their learning practically to real–life and business scenarios, because this is materials that can be watched on videos it makes it easier to remember. Learners can be evaluated and receive feedback immediately. Content can be updated on a regular basis and access can be monitored and requires less technical support.

Web-based education can be used by all to cut down on cost (as it is cheaper than university fees) and increase access to education, and is not restricted to a certain place or time. IT has transformed the way people learn. While the traditional way of learning is restrictive, web-based learning is flexible and can be tailored to the individual’s learning needs, pace and schedule.


Contribution by: Reitumetse Boqo (1234174)






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